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Executive Search

Entrenched in particular market sectors and working through strong people/business networks, Executive Search Consultancy engages an array of methodologies and techniques in identifying the right people in the market place for a particular role. More often than not, the individuals are not actively looking to leave their current organization, and are successful and happy where they are. It is the job of a search consultant to locate, approach and identify these human talents with a view to introduce to him/her a new career path.

We at Vision Partners see Executive Search as an outsourced process in proactively identifying and introducing talented individuals who fit into our clients' business objectives and needs. Bounded by the talent shortage we are facing under the competitive business environment, market intelligence, tenacity and persistency are key attributes in completing a search assignment within the predetermined timeframe and budget. Human touch and personal judgment are important elements in ensuring the quality of the candidates presented to our clients.

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