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Driving the Engine of Progress (Article issued on The Future of Business in Hong Kong Vol 1)

The last 15 years have brought significant advances in communications technology far surpassing those made in the previous 5,000 - making the next 15 an era that will be limited only by our imagination and our courage to execute.  We are seeing volatile changes taking shape: massive storage and bandwidth growth, and exponential expansion in the volume of information available.  It was said that only 1% of all the applications of the Internet have been invented, what might the other 99% look like?

How did the phenomenon change the executive search consulting business?  Communication protocols, transmission speed and the ease of using Internet have greatly affected the way an executive search consultant works and liaises with their clients and candidates alike.

The "headhunting" industry in this region has evolved from personal introduction between a circle of "friends/ex-colleagues" and client companies to the model of quality practitioners in the field surfaced from a much broader research platform.

The innovation and technological advancement have opened up a brave new world to "zero" into the successful candidate.

While the financial services sector has taken a general lead in terms the number of vacancies and amount of fees earned in the last couple of years, up-and-coming industries like logistics, retail and telecommunications have not fallen too far behind from a talent acquisition perspective.  Multinational companies and regional conglomerates are increasingly looking outside the country boundary in seeking for multi-cultural candidates to enhance their bench strength.  Clients are no longer interested in potential candidates who have low mobility and/or expertise in a single market.

Staying Ahead

We service clients across the entire Asia Pacific region so our client profile can be very diverse.  Success in executive search consultancy also means taking excellent care of the company's most valuable asset - human capital.  I dedicate most of my time to ensuring that efficient and professional services are offered to demanding and increasingly sophisticated clients across the region.  I enjoy dealing with people and gain satisfaction by offering a "win-win solution" in people-related issues.

The ability to listen to and maintain good relationships with both clients and candidates is one of the most crucial skill requirements for a successful executive search consultant.

In view of the potential growth of the job market in Asia, it is imperative to stay ahead by recognizing and preparing for clients' needs even before they are communicated.  With the help of the information available and a global platform, one has to stay in tune and ahead in order to be competitive and be the market leader in this field.

Vision Partners is looking into China and the vast potential that it offers.  Although we have yet to make any forays into the Mainland in an aggressive manner, it is definitely on the cards.  Our Shanghai office located in the Kerry Center was established in 2005 and the local team is geared to serve the number of regional offices of our clients, which are already located in the commercial capital of China.  Leveraging on our success in Hong Kong and Singapore, and riding on the entrenched relationships with multinational client base, a practical plan is in place to capture the ever-growing market in the Mainland with a step-by-step approach.

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