1. What is the benefit of using Vision Partners as a search consultant versus the international players?
2. What kind of value can Vision Partners add to an assignment?
3. What are your specialized areas?
4. What is your pricing structure?
5. How do you intend to assist us in regional search assignment if you do not have a presence outside of your three destined offices? Doesn't the lack of international presence limit your database and therefore your network of candidates?
6. Do you have an off-limits policy to safeguard the interest of your clients?
7. Can you guarantee a "free replacement"?
8. Given your contingency nature, would your clients be sharing the same candidate database?
9. You state in your profile that you are "regionally focused", how is that supported organizationally? Do you have affiliates? Do you do joint assignments?
10. Being a small business, how are you able to provide the specialization needed to meet the diverse requirements of your clients?
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